Xmas ReTree

This is a demo Webflow project inspired by London Christmas Tree Rental

Website: webflow.io
Date: December 28, 2022
Services: Art Direction, Web Design, Webflow Development


Happy Christmas, Happy Tree

A few days before Christmas, I saw a social media post about two entrepreneurs (London Christmas Tree Rental) who started a side hustle renting Christmas trees to reduce the number of trees that end up in landfall. I created this website in Webflow around the time of Christmas after being inspired by this compelling story.


Font and Color Palette

The color scheme is a mix of traditional Christmas dark green, salmon red, and mint green. The font is Young Serif, a serif typeface designed in 2013 by French designer Bastien Sozeau, which is reminiscent of the font Windsor used in Whole Earth Catalog in the 1970s.

Sketch in Figma

Niching down

I have a clear focus on who I want to serve in the future: purpose-driven brands, conscious and creative entrepreneurs.

I created this in Webflow to demonstrate what I hope to manifest in the future. I want to work with conscious creative entrepreneurs who have a compelling story to tell, and I am here to supercharge purpose-driven brands with creative interactive storytelling.



Website Demo