Alter Agent

Alter Agent is an immersive experience and multimedia installation specialist looking for a landing page to serve as a dynamic manifesto

Client: Alter Agent
Date: September 15, 2022
Services: Web Design, Webflow Development

The Manifesto

As a specialist of immersive experiences and multimedia installations, from creative direction to operations. An AA decides to commit to a cause and put skills and experience at the service of that cause.

An AA is fully dedicated to the diffusion of human rights culture, social diversity, inclusion, and environmental awareness.

An AA wants to allure the mainstream public into a transmedia experience. That will urge them into an emotional response to social matters.


Font and Color Palette

The web design adheres to the branding guidelines and art direction of Graphic Designer CAMARA™

3 Design Proposals

Scroll and Glitch

The animated glitch embodies the spirit evoked by those keywords: Banksy, Punchy, Activism, Backstage.

The scrolling glitch animation is created in Adobe Premiere and exported as Lottie (file formate for vector graphics animation) that is tied to the scrolling behaviour of the web page.



Website Demo