Alter Agent

Alter Agent is an immersive experience and multimedia installation specialist looking for a landing page to serve as a dynamic manifesto

Xmas ReTree

This is a demo Webflow project inspired by London Christmas Tree Rental

Daniela Castelbranco

Daniela Castelbranco is a multidisciplinary architect with experience in fashion and culinary arts. As a reflection of her own work as an architect, she wishes to create a web presence that stands out from the rest in order to showcase her projects and attract clients who will appreciate her unique approach to designing spaces.

Alter Agent

An AA is fully dedicated to the diffusion of human rights culture, social diversity, inclusion, and environmental awareness.


Sampla is a sustainable footwear startup from Ireland. Their first collection of animal-friendly footwear is made from repurposed apple waste sourced in Italy, produced in Portugal, with the support of crowdfunding. A minimum viable online shop is a necessity to facilitate the sales of first-batch products. The next step will be to evolve to branded e-commerce with a unique design.